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Obesity the major killer

by s.sankarapandian

The fast paced life and the eating habits lead to obesity among 93 percent of the world population. Over weight and obesity have become a common problem. So if you are obese you are not alone. But don't console yourself that you are one among the vast majority of obese population because not taking the corrective actions may lead to dangerous health hazard. Obesity has become a major killer because it not only makes your daily activities more difficult but also leads to many serious health disorders like

heart failure strokes severe joint pains diabetics some form of cancer
and many more health problems. The more you get over weight, the more problems you will face. But it is regrettable that many tend to take obesity in lighter vein. Carelessness or ignorance of obesity related problems will lead to serious health hazard level where the unexpected fatal attack is inevitable. Hectic life style and long hours before computer and TV deprived us of any physical activity and the calorie intake and calorie spent is imbalanced and leads to over weight. After long hours at office people take excuse in the name of tiredness and spend the available time before TV and not giving importance to exercise. In their run to earn money they forget their health side

This state of affair is showing its sign through fatal health disorders even at the young age of 30s. It is shocking to know that many children in their tender age develop obesity because of the fast and junk food culture of the parents. It is high time that everyone realizes the need to combat this growing menace. Avoid fast food and junk food as far as you can and concentrate more on home cooking.

Take a firm decision today to start doing exercise. Walking is the best mode of exercise and is highly recommended. According to medical reports you need 30 minutes of physical activity daily. Avoid the other extreme of over doing exercise. It is medically advised to lose weight gradually and it should not be a quick one. You can go for a reliable and proven weightloss program but continue going for walking to avoid putting over weight again and to main a healthy body. Losing as little as five percent of weight will lower the risk of several diseases like heart problems, diabetics and chronic joint pains.

Never go for dieting to lose weight as it will have after effects in your later age. During dieting inner organs get affected due insufficient intake a nutrition during the prolonged period of dieting. It is essential to take nutritional food supplements with less calorie during the weightloss program. But most of the programs which are not scientifically designed concentrate on giving quick results so that their program will be salable.

Combine both calorie restriction (diet) and exercise to get results without any side effect

A research conducted on two groups shows that losing weight through both calorie restriction and exercise is advisable. weight reduction through calorie restriction or diet alone will reduce the mineral density of bones and increases the risk of osteoporosis. Two groups were formed among 48 healthy, non-obese people in their 50s. The first group was given the task of reducing calorie by 16% in the first 3 months and then 20% for the remaining 9 months. The second group was asked to spend energy -that means exercise- by 16% in the first 3 months and then by 20% for the remaining 9 months. During the search period their heart rate was monitored.
The results of the research

The calorie restriction group shed 17 pounds and exercise group shed 14 pounds. But the diet group lost bone density at the spine, hips and legs. There was no significant bone density loss among the exercise group. The results appeared in the archieves of internal medicine. To get the benefit of diet and to avoid the negative effect on bone health the researchers have recommended weightloss through both diet and exercise . Important points to be noted

Prefer more home cooking and avoid fast food and junk food curb excess appetite check your blood sugar levels regularly supplement nutritional loss during dieting take care of your heart during weightloss program check your cholesterol level have optimum energy level to keep you active start doing regular exercise to burn excess fat and calorie choose reliable and proven weightloss program

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Obesity the major killer



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