Thursday, April 26, 2007

Obesity In Child Performance Shows During Exercise

by Ann Marier

Obesity in childhood is no laughing matter. This disorder can have significant ramifications on the youngster's health and well-being. This includes his psychological state as well. Anyone who has had obesity in child experiences knows all too well how damaging this can be.

When I was a little girl I had serious weight issues. This led to over obesity in child experiences that I had. I never wanted to get involved with sports and I definitely hated when others picked teams. I knew that I would be the last in the lot to get picked. My weight had significant impact on my ability to participate in these kinds of events.

I remember one of my gym teachers asking me if I had asthma because I couldn't catch my breath. We had just been running and even though I had no breathing problems my obesity in child performance really showed when I exerted myself. This led to more weight issues because I soon came to hate exercise.

By the time I reached fifth grade I was 125 pounds. Other kids treated me like a leper and I was soon finding myself sitting alone watching others play outside. This had significant psychological ramifications as well. I began to identify myself as an obese child. I never really imagined that I would ever be "normal" and this led to an awful chain of events in my obesity in child experiences.

My mother soon started me on another diet. I was on my first one when I was about eight years old. However, as I got older, the diets became stricter and more rigid. My relationship with food was damaged through my obesity in child experiences because I saw it as an enemy rather than a source of nourishment.

By the time I entered middle-school I had lost and gained hundreds of pounds through yo-yo dieting. Each diet was successful but as I got back into my old habits, I gained back all the weight and then some. My obesity in child experience was a dreadful thing and I hate to see that the problem still exists for so many kids today.

It took many years and many hours of diligent exercise, some therapy and a lot of self confidence to overcome my obesity in child experiences. I now live a happy, healthy life free from dieting. Hopefully, kids who have obesity in childhood today will focus on eating well and exercise rather than fat.

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Obesity In Child Performance Shows During Exercise



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