Thursday, July 12, 2007

Childhood obesity- Dangerous for future

by Kathe Gomes

Childhood obesity is a serious problem, not only in United States but this disease is spread all over the world. Right now out of five two children are suffered from obesity. It is a serious matter because obesity gives rise to numbers of diseases like heart attack, breathing disease, blood pressure etc. Obese children not only suffered from these disease but the physical capabilities of these children also decreases. For example such children may not be able to run fast as normal child. Some times when the children suffered from morbid obesity, not capable to do their own daily work.

Medical science also do research on childhood obesity and provide some solutions. But as other treatment these treatment have some positive and some negative effects. This depends to on child which effect he/she like more and the condition of obesity.

Some doctors suggest diet pills for the treatment of obesity but diet pills have lot of side effects. Generally these are safe for adults as their body is fully developed and capable to come over the side effects of diet pills. Diet patches are also popular. In this treatment diet patches are pasted on the body parts where fat is more, like abdomen. Sliming belts are also available in market, to reduce weight through sliming belt the patient have to wear belt on the abdomen or stomach for some time duration. This treatment also has lot of side effects. Surgeries also used to remove obesity. These surgeries are some costly but have exiting results. These surgeries include bariatric surgery, lap band surgery, abdominiplasty, tummy tuck etc.

The other treatments for weight loss are water therapy, magnetic therapy, yoga, exercise, physical fitness machines, running, jobbing, dieting. These all methods are capable for reducing weight but only you have to decide which is best for your health and body. That is the best solution for losing weight.

Before choosing any weight loss method children must consult their parents and doctor first then after move for the treatment.

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Kathe Gomes is the author of and publish articles, journals and press release on lap band surgery.



Childhood obesity- Dangerous for future



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