Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fatty Food Now Good For Our Children's Health - It's Official

by Sam Niche

Now then. Until now, when we hear the word "FAT", we immediately think of it as very bad for us. Well, so we've been told or led to believe by the so called 'Experts'. It's bad for your heart; it blocks your arteries; and eventually leads to untimely, and in some cases excruciating death.

Only just recently that pregnant women were warned that eating or consuming fatty and sugary food could put their unborn children at risk of OBESITY in their later years.

With all these cautions in mind and undigested, now comes the big bombshell. "It is now actually okay, it's more than okay. It is now vitally important we include some sort of fat in our children's daily rations.

According to these latest findings, scientists believe youngsters burn more body fat and more quickly than adults do and this fat has an important role to play in the process of helping them grow, showed the latest study.

You see, up till now, all or most parents were told to completely cut off fatty and sugary food from their kid's meal. Stop them from downing sodas, stop giving them candies - in form of briberies. Apparently, the US team tested ten children, aged 6 - 10. Also at the same time tested 10 adults for three days. The findings showed that the amount of fat burned by the children did not differ greatly to the one burned by the adults.

However, the test showed that the children burned more fat depending on the activities they do. That is, the children burned considerably more fat relative to the amount of energy they used. The test also showed that women and girls used fat at a higher rate than men and boys of similar age.

If this is correct, does that mean women and girls should be able to lose weight very easily? Well, you answer that. I bet you know of someone, a woman or a lady, or even a girl struggling to lose weight since forever. I know I certainly have in my family.

The scientists added, dietary fat recommendations were higher for children aged four to eighteen. Apparently 25 to 30 per cent of energy, compared with 20 to 35 per cent for adults.

So, Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, said: 'I think this research is absolutely right. If the word "Diet" is written on a pack or can, it really shouldn't be given to children who have totally different energy needs for their growth, and who burn off a lot of energy just by growing.' 'Fad diets are not appropriate for children. I would say to parents that a certain amount of fat is a good thing but don't overdo it.'

There you have it from the experts again. Let me ask you this, now that you've known about this new findings, are you any clearer as to what you should feed or if fat is good or bad for your children?

As a parent myself, I think too much of everything is bad for you anyway regardless if you're a kid or not. So personally, I will only feed my children what I see fit, and that's eating healthily. Now, I use the word 'healthy' very loosely as I could define 'Health y' one way and you could define it another way. But I think parents know best - well most of us anyway.

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Fatty Food Now Good For Our Children's Health - It's Official



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