Monday, September 17, 2007

Weightloss for Teenagers and Children - A modern Problem?

by Robert Schuster

Unfortunately we are nowadays living in a time, where it is actually necessary to talk about the problem of overweight teenagers and where weight loss for teenagers and children becomes more and more important.

20 or more years ago, even talking about weight loss for teenagers and children was unheard of. The consumption of fast-food was more or less zero and the children and teenagers spent their leisure-time outside, playing and running around. Joining a sports club was normal and from the age 6 upwards, every child and every teenager was involved in one or more physical activities.

The change to the worse was not a sudden one. Restaurants, which invested a lot of money in advertising and not so much in the quality of their food, started to spread. At first only in the larger cities and in TV-advertisings, later they also showed up in smaller towns and villages. Video Games became more and more popular and it was just a short time, until the children preferred to sit at home and play virtual games.

Looking at these facts it does not come as much of a surprise, that the average weight of children and teenagers became higher and higher. And all of a sudden, it was necessary, to talk about diets for overweight children, ways to prevent obesity amongst teenagers and many parents started to look for tips for weight loss for teenagers and children.

Overweight and obesity is nowadays a very common problem. Over 60 % of the teenagers and children in western countries are either the one or the other. Finding a solution for this problem, finding a remedy for weight loss for teenagers and children, will be one of the major tasks of modern society.

About the Author
The author was born an raised in Switzerland, but is now living in Spain, enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle. Working as a chef in many different countries, got him in contact with various diets from all over the world. Now he is running the website and working as a catering manager for various hotels and restaurants.


Weightloss for Teenagers and Children - A modern Problem?



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