Thursday, November 29, 2007

Child Obesity- The Newest Threat on the Block of Health!

by James Petersen

Child obesity is an issue that has been gaining a lot of importance in the medical field off late and so there have been constant attempts to carve out efficient ways to tackle this problem. Apart from obesity there are also other diseases like diabetes that accompany obesity in children right from the time of birth. It has also been seen that obese children generally die at the time of birth or just after the birth.

In order to treat obesity in grown ups, there are many ways ranging from dieting to work outs to even weight loss drugs. But in case of children there are no such ways. Only exercise and a healthy non fatty food can do some good for the obese children. But when children are born obese, they have very little hope of losing weight and so there survival becomes difficult.

In the western countries there are many people who are obese but at the same time rich hence they opt to buy xenical or other such expensive weight loss drugs. All they do is get a xenical prescription, buy xenical online or offline and consume the same as per the given prescription. Xenical online is very popular weight loss drug mainly because xenical is sold as an over the counter medicine in most of the countries. But the tragedy is that in spite of having money, weight loss drugs like Xenical cannot be administered to the kids.

Many of us confuse obesity in children as cuteness and chubbiness. Most of the people have the conception that fats in children are normal and cute. The reality however, is very different. These conceptions prove to be major hurdles in the way of treating obesity in children. Many a times the parents are not aware that their children are victims of obesity and so these children grow up to be obese individuals in the future as they remain untreated in their childhood.

Obesity in children is also a very healthy breeding ground for diseases at an early age. The two most prominent and dangerous diseases that can attack obese children are diabetes and hypertension. Hence the only way to save the children from the demon called obesity is nothing but vigility and awareness. These two things can enable the parents to determine whether their child is obese or not and take the required steps accordingly.

Even if a child is not obese in childhood there is no guarantee that he won't develop obesity in the later stages of his life. And many a times even a healthy child grows up to be obese or over weight mainly when he lives an unhealthy childhood. Nowadays, children spend a lot of time watching television playing video games and other such activities which do no entail any kind of physical exercise. Apart from this children are also immensely fond of the junk foods, and if they are not given the stuffs they like they throw a fit. In such a situation the parents give in to their demands and feed them with all kinds of junk and unhealthy food. As a result children grow obese or grow up to be obese. In both the cases and also in case of obesity by birth, medical help should be sought at the earliest to avoid further damage to the human system.

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Child Obesity- The Newest Threat on the Block of Health!



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