Friday, February 15, 2008

Nature Trumps Nurture In Childhood Obesity

by Jason Witt

When you receive the Seal you will begin to take care of your health, including losing those extra pounds. But if you have children, you may need to take steps to help them keep the weight off too, and a new study pinpoints the problem.
Researchers in the UK conducted a study with over 5,000 twins 8 to 11 years old and found out more about what is causing the rising rates of obesity among children.

Childhood obesity is on the rise, and recent news stories have trumpeted the strange response from parents--most parents do not seem to know their children are overweight or even obese.

At first it was easy to blame to parents for promoting the kind of lifestyle that causes obesity. Parents often allow kids to be sedentary and overeat. Those are the two main environmental causes of childhood obesity.

But in this study it was found nature played an even bigger role than nurture in determining the weight of the kids. It shows that today's rising rates of obesity are due to genetic predispositions many children have to becoming obese.

Yet in the case of childhood obesity, nature and nurture both play a big role in the expanding waistlines. Nature makes the kids more susceptible to becoming overweight or obese.

But nurture still plays a big part. In the past, kids who were genetically susceptible to becoming overweight or obese often stayed at normal weights because they got enough exercise and did not overeat.

Today that is usually not true anymore. Most kids today are raised in an environment where they do not get enough exercise. And they often have more opportunity to overeat than kids of any previous generations.

In the UK there is talk about how it was not a good idea to blame parents for the weight of their children in the light of the results of the new study. The natural likelihood to gain weight makes staying thin all the more challenging.

Nevertheless, parents are often unaware their child is above normal weight. And parents are responsible for setting the example for their children. When parents are managing their weight, the children most likely will follow the example.

This study looked at the body mass index and waist circumference of twins, comparing identical and fraternal twins. The identical twins share all their genes and the fraternal twins share half their genes.

Identical twins were much more likely to both become obese. It was unlikely that one identical twin would become obese and the other would stay thin. The reason is they were genetically similar, and genetics determines the likelihood of weight gain.

When you are sealed you will come to understand your natural inheritance and how it plays a part in your health. Family environment is not the greatest determinant of obesity or weight gain.

You will also take steps to start setting a better example for your own children, changing the family environment to a more healthy one. By doing this you will add years to your own life and to the lives of your children.

When you are sealed you will consider your natural inheritance and take steps to lengthen your natural life. And God will give you a spiritual inheritance of everlasting Life when you receive the Seal.

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Nature Trumps Nurture In Childhood Obesity



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