Friday, February 1, 2008

Preventing Childhood Obesity

By: John Furnem

Childhood obesity has become a big issue like obesity in general, the significant increase of young kids and adults who are suffering from obesity is causing elevated concerns about the global health of people in the future, since the tendency to develop into an obese person was traditionally regarded as a transfer from overweight at the mature stage of life to the obese, but this did not include such high percentages of young adults and kids.

Some studies claim that as much as 16% of the children and teenagers in the U.S. are obese, this is a very big number and means that this has already gone out of the scale of a small problem. There are many reports from around the world that the situation is not very much different from what is currently happening in the Untied States, in Europe there is also a significant increase in numbers of obese children, and even in the far east, where traditional children were not obese, and some times even in a very poor nutritional values, even in those countries there have been in increase in numbers of obese children.

Although nature and genes do play a part in the creation of the obese condition, there are many things to you can do to decrease the risk of becoming obese, or that your children will become obese, following some very simple guild lines will probably have a big effect on most people. Eating the right kinds of food and maintaining a balanced diet, eating mostly in the house and not taking out or ordering food from the outside will keep the menu balanced and normal, eating fruit and vegetables and avoiding oil cooked food or fast food will make a bug difference.

A regular and stable outdoor activity, walking and working out, swimming or hiking are good ways of fighting weight and getting into shape, there are many indoor sports that can be also used as a hobby and performed regularly, will help not only fight obesity but will also educate your children about taking care of their body and maintaining a fitness routine.

If you think that you or your children might be suffering from obesity, or you have obesity in your family and think that one family member is at risk of rapidly becoming obese you should contact your family doctor and consult with the doctor, these are very important things to do, before you even start thinking of how you will solve the problem, since doctors will give you the most detailed and precise information about a health condition and the risks that are associated with it, it is also recommended that you consult with a doctor before you start a diet or a fitness routine.

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Childhood Obesity is becoming an epidemic, there are reports from all over the world about significant changes to the statistics of obese children and young adults, learn more about Preventing Childhood Obesity.



Preventing Childhood Obesity



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