Sunday, April 12, 2009

Causes Of Childhood Obesity

by Sarah McCurdy

Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the United States as roughly 25 million children are overweight or very close to being so. The experts agree that the health consequences of this can be devastating. This article will show what some of these consequences are as well as some of the causes of childhood obesity.

It has been known for years that children who are carrying extra pounds put a big strain on their body and overall health. These children have an increased risk of several health issues including type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol levels and can also decrease their life expectancy by up to five years.

Research has shown that this excess bodyweight can also increase the child's risk of developing heart disease when they become an adult. Also, over 30% of obese children have too much fat in the liver which may lead into hepatitis, liver failure or cirrhosis of the liver. This obesity affects every single organ in the body and even more so in children because they are growing and developing. Sleep apnea is another symptom of obesity in children and can lead to fatigue throughout the day and affect the child's performance in school.

What Are The Causes?

Well, the most obvious cause is diet. Many of our kids do not eat healthy foods and consume way too much junk food and snacks. Another factor is the activity level of the child. Many children do not get any physical exercise and spend excessive amounts of time in front of the TV or playing video games for hours on end.

There are also genetic factors involved that can cause childhood obesity. It has been shown that children whose parents or siblings are obese are at an increased risk of being overweight. This is not always the case though and does not necessarily mean a child will struggle with obesity just because a family member does.

There are many causes of childhood obesity and each plays a significant role in increasing the risk of your child being overweight. Make sure that your child gets plenty of physical activity by playing a sport or exercising regularly. We also need to help our children as parents by helping them make good choices in the foods they eat and smart lifestyle choices as well such as getting enough sleep.

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Causes Of Childhood Obesity



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