Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Shocking Truth About Childhood Obesity

by J.J. Yong

If you think only adults should be concern about their weight, then think again. As statistics show that obesity in children are increasing at an alarming rate all over the world especially in the United States, it is indeed time for you to not only worry about your weight but your kids too.

So here's the plain old truth, obesity is actually caused by a few factors. Putting genes and hereditary fallouts aside, an individual's calorie consumptions that exceeds the amount burnt through physical activity is the main contributor to the excessive baggage on one's body. Aside from that, the lack of exercise is also another existing factor as well. When a child spends hours in front of the television and computer, he is bound to develop couch potato habits and snack on sugary treats and drink sodas while doing no exercise at all. And this is how a child gains weight which would lead to the scary but common condition of obesity.

Children who are obese may suffer severe weight problems, contact gall bladder and liver disease, sleep disorder and even increase in cholesterol at such an early age. They are also prone to contact asthma. As many studies would show, boys are more prone to developing these serious diseases in comparison to girls.

If the condition is prolonged, the child would have an uncomfortable life of always being taunted, teased and placed at the risk of bad health conditions. Also, some may even fall into depression and loneliness as well.

To sum it up, obesity in children has become more and more serious and we should take note about it and try to put a stop to it. So learn childhood obesity prevention by limiting your child's television and gaming time while encouraging outdoor activities by letting them go to the park everyday and join sports teams in school and so on.

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The Shocking Truth About Childhood Obesity



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