Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Child Obesity in America

by Petersonbran

Child obesity has quickly become a major problem in America, the degree to which may not even be fully realized at this point. To consider all the aspects of obesity, a systems approach is necessary in identifying all factors involved. From this perspective, a more encompassing view of the prevalence of child obesity can be observed.

Child obesity can be attributed to several factors. A child's eating habits, physical activity level, hormones, genetics and environmental considerations are all involved in the picture of child obesity. Obesity involves both physical and emotional problems. While medical risks for diabetes among others are well known, these children typically suffer from low self-esteem and social isolation from peers, which has equally devastating effects on child development.

Child obesity is on the rise in the United States of America, and it's no secret. The rate of toddlers who are overweight has doubled in the last twenty years. Nearly eight percent of all four and five year old kids are overweight. The problem has become more prevalent for girls than boys, and is more common in older children rather than younger ones.

There is a battle being fought in America. A battle that currently we are not winning. Obesity in America is an issue that requires some drastic changes to not necessarily our lives but mainly our lifestyle habits. If obesity in America is to be conquered we all must ask for changes to be made.

Exercise is another way to lower obesity in America. Start by hiding that TV remote control to make you get up and change the channel. Walk to the corner store. Climb that flight of stairs instead of catching the elevator. By a pedometer and just see how you can increase those steps each day and by doing so you will be eating up those calories. If we all do a little bit more each day obesity in America and all that child obesity from fast food will be on the decline and that my friend will benefit all of society not just the individual.

In America today, many people including children and young adults are going out to eat more often, eating foods high in fat and calories. Also, many children and teens are staying inside more often paying video games and watching TV programs or chatting online or cell phones with friends rather than going outside and being physical active. These eating habits and lack of exercise have led to problems with obesity in children and teenagers.

Some causes of Obesity in Children can include: the family, for example the risk can be higher if the children has one or two obese parents. Children who watch a lot of television may also be at a higher risk for obesity because watching television does not require that much energy and snacking on high calorie foods can happen while children are watching television. Heredity can also play a part in child obesity. Children and Teenagers can help prevent and treat obesity by developing an exercise program or becoming more active because this will help them to burn fat, increase energy and maintain their weight. Children and Teenagers should also eat a balanced diet and moderate their television watching and calorie intake. Teaching children and young adults about nutrition in school as well as at home can help prevent this problem as well.

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Child Obesity in America