Thursday, July 22, 2010

Prevention or Cure for Childhood Obesity?

by Bob

Despite the old adage that an oz of prevention is worth a pound of cure, selling prevention has continually been a challenge. Simply ask any insurance salesman. On the opposite hand selling that pound of cure is not any drawback at all. Simply raise any surgeon. Once you gotta have it, you gotta have it. You don't even bother to stop and ask how abundant?

Prevention Yes, But... Now what will this little observation have to try and do with childhood obesity you ask? Well, if you're selling the preventative edition of childhood obesity, it's nearly not possible to induce a child who's currently NOT OBESE to buy in and participate. On the opposite hand, we tend to all recognize the time to beat a drawback is BEFORE it gets a footing, and in this case BEFORE obesity starts to erode a child's self-worth, their quality of life, and their overall performance. When all, you get vaccinated BEFORE you get sick, not after.

Going within the Back Door

Thus for those folks who are advocating a childhood obesity PREVENTION program like Operation Pull Your Own Weight, the query becomes, ""What downside can we address and CURE that simultaneously PREVENTS childhood obesity from occurring, while not ever uttering the poisonous terms "obesity or prevention?" My very own answer is that each one young youngsters, by virtue of being young, lack strength in comparison to adults. You would possibly say that kids forever show a very little strength-envy when it comes to their older and larger adult counterparts.

Being Cool VS Being Uncool With that insight in hand, I suggest that serving to cure a child's natural lack of strength is an straightforward sale to form as a result of "being sturdy" is always cool, whereas "being weak" is always uncool. Let me say this in a little completely different way. In seventeen years of teaching and training, I met lots of children who took pride in "being bad." But I've never met even one boy or girl who took any pride in "being weak" at anything. Have you?

Strength and Lightness

During this light let's talk concerning pull ups, an exercise that's always been related to being robust because such a coffee share of children (people) can do even one rep. The opposite characteristic that's perpetually related to pull ups is "being light."

Suppose back once you were in elementary or high school, did you ever see an overweight child who could do pull ups? On the opposite hand did you ever see a kid capable of doing pull ups who wasn't relatively lightweight? I already recognize your answer as a result of in all my years of teaching and coaching I continually noticed that kids who might do pull ups were never much overweight, and children who were much overweight could never do pull ups.

You've got Never Heard This Before

Currently I am going to switch gears and tell you one thing you've got never heard before. By using a height adjustable pull up bar in combination with a method known as leg assisted pull ups (jumping and pulling at the same time), virtually any kid will learn to do pull ups...particularly if you start them young BEFORE they've had a probability to pick up much excess weight.

Let's Calculate

OK, currently it's time to feature all this up logically and see what conclusions we tend to will draw? For starters if its' true that youngsters who can do pull ups are never obese, and it's also true that with the correct tools virtually any kid will learn to do pull ups, then it's logically irrefutable that nearly any kid can naturally immunize himself against obesity for a lifetime by merely learning and maintaining the flexibility to try and do pull ups for life.

I additionally wish to point out that by serving to youngsters gain strength (be cool) on the pull up bar, you are naturally and simultaneously preventing obesity without ever mentioning the words prevention or obesity. Sound acquainted?

Curing the Prevention Dilemma

The moral of the story is that when it comes to childhood obesity, forget the prevention and go for the strength gaining cure. The youngsters can assume you are cool and you will be undermining obesity at the same time. An easier sale would be laborious to imagine.

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Prevention or Cure for Childhood Obesity?



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