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American Steps Against Childhood Obesity American Steps Against Childhood Obesity by Bob

by Bob

Some years back, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) came out with a four-year study entitled "Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity Among Kids and Adolescents: United States." It revealed that over nine-million Yank kids between the ages of six and nineteen are overweight, approximately three times above it was in 1980.

Youngsters who are obese typically age to be obese, especially when the oldsters of the child are obese as well. The CDC study has helped inspire the Yank individuals to start trying at themselves and their kids, and to take steps so as to fight the growing childhood obesity downside in our nation.

Several nutrition and fitness experts have weighed (no pun intended) in on what they feel wants to be done to curtail this frightening trend of increase in Yank childhood obesity.

One side is to improve college food. Not solely does faculty food have a right away impact, it additionally sends a message to kids. If fatty-foods are being sold, impressionable young youngsters are being taught that eating these types of food is acceptable. An education-establishment ought to be just that, not simply in the classroom however the cafeteria as well. Fixing faculty cafeteria food would help educate children on how unhealthy treats are things that should solely be eaten on occasion.

In that very same vein, another step slowly being taken is improving the health level of food in snack vending machines. The elimination of those vending machines is not the solution, however changing the snacks that are served within them will be. The state of California has already taken steps in this direction, recently passing a bill that prohibits faculties from selling high-sugar liquids out of their drink vending machines.

A 3rd step is the emphasis of physical activity for kids. Most consultants suggest kids participate in an hour of exercise each day at a minimum. Major Yankee establishments, such as the National Soccer League, have initiated movements to help inspire kids to exercise. For example, the NFL runs the NFL Play sixty campaign, that is "designed to tackle childhood obesity by obtaining children active through in-college, once-faculty, and team base programs."

The fight against childhood obesity has gotten support from some stunning sources as well. For example, the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group recently announced they might "improve product labeling by listing calories additional prominently on containers, vending machines and fountain equipment." PepsiCo additionally pledged to list calorie content on the front of its drink vending machines by the top of 2012

With the assistance of schools, sponsors, and the state and federal government, America can be able to not only attack the childhood obesity problems that it currently faces, but defeat them.

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American Steps Against Childhood Obesity American Steps Against Childhood Obesity by Bob



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