Monday, February 14, 2011

Childhood Obesity the Dangers Associated

by Bonnie Baldwin

Childhood obesity, the dangers associated with it are alarming. We know that genetics is a factor in childhood obesity, but it is not the explanation for the recent epidemic of obesity.

There are dangers associated with childhood obesity that as parents and caretakers we should be concerned about. Children born in the USA during the year 2000 have a risk of being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes at some time in their lives. The risk is higher among ethnic minority groups at birth in addition to all ages. Type II Diabetes has rapidly become a danger for children as well as adolescents. Childhood obesity along with the dangers associated with it can also lead to metabolic syndrome, arthritis, cancer, and cardiovascular disease (CVD).

There is also several social, physical and emotional health consequences associated to childhood obesity.

Social Health - discrimination, teasing, bullying, and negative stereotyping.

Emotional Health - depression, low self-esteem, and negative body image.

Physical Health - type ll diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, glucose intolerance plus insulin resistance.

When it comes to obesity, there is also other long term risk associated to a child's health, such as having a lifetime risk of developing type II diabetes. There is also the risk of obesity reducing the overall adult life expectancy. The annual hospitalization cost for childhood and youth obesity has more than tripled over two decades. The fact is that childhood obesity is definitively on the rise, some states even had a prevalence of obesity that was 30% or greater. These states with a greater prevalence were West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Mississippi.

Childhood obesity the dangers associated with it are very harmful. We live in a society that stigmatizes people who are obese. So when it comes to your children, they will have self-blame or often foster shame, and have low self-esteem. There is a proven way to help your child shed those unwanted pounds, and conquer obesity. As parents you are the determining factor as to whether or not your child is labeled as fat or healthy. Your child is depending on you for the proper guidance and help. Take action now and find out what you should be doing, the solution is simple visit to shed those unwanted pounds.

About the Author

Bonnie Baldwin is happily married with children. Have had many years of experience dealing with the obstacles that children face. Childhood obesity is a war we must all fight, and I am a troop on the front line fighting to defeat this epidemic



Childhood Obesity the Dangers Associated



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