Monday, June 27, 2011

Children Obesity Is On The Rise And Many Believe It Is Because Of The Working Moms

by Ethan Kalvin

Everyone knows that obesity is increasing particularly among children and there are many theories on why this happens. So of course the food they eat is certainly a contributing factor although some believe it is the fate of the working mother who is causing such a significant increase in weight of the child in the U.S. U.S.

As the number of working mothers has increased 50% to 70% over the past 35 years, so that the rate of childhood obesity has tripled now nearly 17% during the same period of time and just now researchers are beginning to wonder if good reason for this correlation. And there are reasons to believe that these two numbers are related. Studies show that the more a mother works the greater the risk that her children may become obese or overweight. The study was conducted in the primary school age children by the Child Development Journal.

During a child's development, for each additional 5 month period that the child's mother was employed they noted an extra pound of weight gain above and beyond normal growth. In addition, sixth graders of stay at home moms were six times less likely to be obese then those of working mothers.

Essentially it is not the working that is causing these children to gain weight but instead the fact that many working moms have less time to dedicate towards meal planning and therefore these families eat more prepackaged and fast foods which significantly increases the caloric, fat content, and sodium intake of the entire family. This fast paced household environment leaves mothers throwing together meals at the last minute with little consideration as to the nutritional content of such meals.

busy moms who are worried about this study and the impact of work on the food needs of their families can find healthy alternatives to fast food, including preparation of substantial portions weekend and holidays and then freeze them to reheat during the week time is limited. A slow cooker can also be an excellent tool for cooking in a busy household and when it is filled with fresh meat, potatoes and vegetables can make for a healthy alternative to fast food nights and frozen prepared dishes.

There are ways for moms to make sure that their family is getting the proper nutrition while still maintaining employment and by making a conscious effort to improve their family's eating habits can make a significant impact on keeping their children in the right weight range. It is important to make these changes early and to stick to regular healthy meals that will provide the family with the nutrition they need even when they are on the go.

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Children Obesity Is On The Rise And Many Believe It Is Because Of The Working Moms



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