Saturday, October 15, 2011

Obesity That Parents May Cause

by Dennis D DeVries

Obesity In Children

Obesity is a life shortening threat which needs to be dealt with as early as the first year of our life. If parents allow their children to eat everything they can get their hands on they are as much or more to blame than the child. The child may not know any better but the parents certainly do, or should know what over weight does for people.

Granted if one or both parents are obese then the children have a higher risk of being obese also, 40% or more chance. Since the parents have let themselves become obese they may just teach the kids the same habits. Parents really need to watch how they eat and teach the kids ways to prevent weight gain. It may well be considered child abuse to let their children become obese with out a medical reason.

Kids are naturally active and burn a lot of calories so they need more food at times between meals. Parents should supply the healthy snacks for them. Forget the junk food snacks and supply them foods which are healthy like apples, oranges, Kool Aid and vegetables. Junk food snacks would be chips, sugar candies, soda pop, anything high in sugars or salts.

The high sugar foods can cause hyperactivity in kids as well as tooth decay, also sets the path for them to become over weight at an early age. Over weight as a 5 year old is the perfect setting for them to soon become obese. If the parents don't correct them, then they will continue and most likely develop some serious health problems. High sugar foods lead to wanting more of them which leads to becoming addicted to them and always wanting more of them. The high sugars should be limited to the amount they can have or have the ability to get. Sugars stored in the body quickly turns to fat as the body does not use all of it and stores it for later use in the form of fat tissue.

Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day. After all it has been 6 to 10 hours since the body had any nutrients to sustain it. The presweetened cereals should be avoided for breakfast or any other time of day. The unsweetened cereals have more nutrition and fiber which is much more healthy for them.

When eating out with or without kids along look for the nutritious foods, first it teaches the kids how to order, and second it will keep you much healthier also. With all the ads on TV and billboards you would think that chips and greasy fried foods is all that's available to eat when dining out. Check out the salad bars and fill your plate with fruits, peppers and salad greens and watch the amount of dressing you use. Add some more sunflower seeds rather than croutons, or extra dressings. Kids will eat the same as you do more often than not if given the chance. Teach them early in life which foods to eat and they will be many times more likely to live a healthy and weight controlled life.

All education stems from a good foundation, so set the first stones of the foundation very carefully so they can grow up healthy. Weight control starts the day children are born and should continue through out their life. Teaching through example is the best way to educate anyone especially kids.

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Obesity That Parents May Cause



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