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Obesity in children what is the cause

by Abigail Isaiah

Childhood obesity is a serious issue that each of us, parents, require to address. Parents ought to educate each other regarding this topic so they can equip themselves with the knowledge to battle childhood obesity in America. I am definite lots of of us are unaware, or not up to date, of the issues that surround child obesity. To have a glimmer of hope in winning this battle, they must find out why this is happening. What are the factors that lead to childhood obesity, & how do they prevent it? There's lots of factors that are presumed to be the culprits of childhood obesity. These are what are believed to be the major causes of childhood obesity in America, & around the globe for that matter. The following are a number of the leading causes of obesity in children.

Obesity in America is becoming a giant issue, in children. Statistics show that 60% of children in America are fat or fat, & the number is still growing. Think it or not, childhood obesity in America is becoming a giant threat to the future of our children.

These are a number of the causes of obesity in children these days. Definite there may be other excuses, like genetics or chemical imbalances, but the massive majority of fat children tend to have issues in of the areas above. No wonder they are getting bigger & bigger. For more information on how to prevent childhood obesity, visit

Childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic within the United States. According to the Mayo Clinic, childhood obesity is, "a serious medical condition that affects children & adolescents. It occurs when a child is well above the normal weight for his or her age & height. Childhood obesity is troubling because the additional pounds often start children on the path to health issues that were one time confined to adults, such as diabetes, hypertension & high cholesterol. Childhood obesity can also lead to poor self-esteem & depression."

Childhood obesity currently boasts some scary statistics, with 60% of children in America being classified as fat. Childhood obesity studies also reveal the fact that 40% of fat children & 70% of fat adolescents become fat adults. By the time an fat child turns six years elderly, his/her chance of becoming an fat adult is over 50%.

According to the Middle for Illness Control (CDC), children who are fat are more likely to be in danger for cardiovascular diseases, such as high cholesterol & hypertension. Fat children (not adults) also have a higher risk of bone & joint issues, heart illness, type two diabetes, stroke, cancer, & arthritis. Children who are fat may also suffer from a range of serious psychological issues including depression, anxiety & poor self-esteem. With cyber bullying becoming more prevalent, studies have begun to examine the link between childhood obesity & bullying. But could bullying be of the reasons these children are fat to start with?

Playground taunts may appear like harmless kid's play, but bullying may keep fat children off the playground, making it more difficult for them to shed pounds. Most children are bullied at some point in their lives, but fat children are more often the targets of bullies. A University of Florida study reveals that frequent bullying leads children who become victims to keep away from situations where they have been picked on before, such as gym class or at afterschool sporting events. Aside from causing those being bullied to keep away from events where they might be teased, bullying is also linked to depression & loneliness. Fat children who may gain advantage from sports & regular exercise are often discouraged from doing so due to being taunted or teased. The issue is if children are avoiding physical schooling class or sports out of fear of being bullied, their health is greatly being affected.

Understanding the link between bullying & long-term psychological & physical health issues in children is essential. When a child is fat or fat, parents ought to understand that these girls & boys are at an increased risk of being bullied & in danger for future health issues. Recognizing the signs of bullying in a child is an important step in breaking the chain of negative outcomes. Some signs to be aware of include; increased stress, depression, & submissive behavior. The best way to approach the growing issue of bullying in fat children is to help fight obesity in your children.

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Obesity in children what is the cause



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