Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Childhood Obesity Nutrition - What You Can Do Today

By: George Godoy Sitting in front of a screen sipping sugary drinks and eating fatty foods is a daily fact of life for most American kids. The prevalence of overweight and obese children has increased from 15% in 1971 to more than 30% in 2000. Western diets are oozing with more fat and sugar than ever before, while children are becoming more complacent and getting less physical exercise by sitting in front of computers all day, and in front of TV sets at night. These activities, along with the lack of physical exercise programs in our schools, are not providing the energy that a child's body requires to burn off calorie intake. Indeed, the risk factors for childhood obesity read like a checklist of ailments that only a generation ago would never have been linked to children and diet: heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, depression, and of course, social ridicule and alienation. The reality is that American families are surrendering our youth to a silent epidemic – childhood obesity. One of the biggest problems in children’s diets today is that of carbonated soft drinks. Because of the fact that there is absolutely no nutritional value in these drinks, it is crucial that they are eliminated from the diet. Instead, substitute them with fresh juices and other sugar-free drinks. By creating a soft drink free environment at home and teaching your child about healthier alternatives, you can help change their thought process. You should also try making a list of healthy foods everyone agrees on and point out the health benefits to your kids. Children must be provided with foods that are nutritionally sound, and foods that they actually enjoy eating. Instead of focusing on a diet for only one child in the family, focus on improving the health of all family members by removing junk foods, (remember carbonated soft drinks) from the home, and instead prepare or purchase meals that are low in fat and sugar. Making a realistic plan that will take a short time to complete will allow you to quickly adapt new eating habits, showing your children that there are an endless variety of foods. In turn, this will make them aware of the things they eat and their effect on weight and body. About George Godoy Wait! Don't take your child to McDonald's. A well crafted plan and this secret weapon can transform your child from fat to fit. Find out how to get both here!


Childhood Obesity Nutrition - What You Can Do Today



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