Friday, July 27, 2012

Dealing With Obesity in Children

by Christine Crotts

More and more children are struggling with obesity in today's society. With a prevalence of video games and television luring youth into a sedentary lifestyle, it is no wonder why so many children are facing this issue. However, it is not the children who are to blame for the obesity problem, for children are only a product of their environment. If a child lives in a home where healthy eating and regular exercise are not encouraged, then the child will blindly follow the unhealthy habits he or she sees exemplified in his or her influential adult figure. It is crucial as a parent or guardian, you establish healthy habits to the child in your life through example.
If a child has not been shown healthy practices at a young age, many health issues may be revealed as early as the adolescent years. When children struggle with childhood obesity, the probability of facing weight problems throughout the teen years is great. When adolescents struggle with health issues the problems become not only physical obesity, but psychological issues may arise as well. A neglect of proper heath habits when a child is still young and influential will have damaging effects on the child for the rest of his or her life.
Having a healthy child is not as difficult as many make it seem. Most children have high metabolisms, making losing weight fairly simple. Exercise for kids does not have to be a rigorous routine. Children need stimulation and activity, but not in the conventional ways that adults use. All kids need to do is simply, be kids! Playing outside, going to the park, participating in community sports, are all ways children can receive the exercise they need to avoid obesity. Nature is a child's gym, and it is free!
Healthy eating, on the other hand, is not as easy. Throughout time, children have opposed eating their vegetables. The difference between your generation and the generation you are now raising is, your parents made you finish your vegetables. Today, healthy eating is easily exchanged for fast food, potato chips, and carbonated beverages. The adults claim to not have time to prepare proper meals, and therefore, the kids reap the consequences and suffer from childhood obesity. It is imperative that you instill proper, healthy eating habits for this generation. Without healthy eating practices, you are leading your child down a road of future health problems and adult obesity.
There is no reason for an otherwise healthy child to suffer from obesity. By instilling the ability in your child to make healthy choices, you are not only helping them to be healthy, but you are also ingraining wonderful life skills at an early age. All parents want their children to be confident and successful, not suffering from obesity, and a healthy body is a great way to start pruning for success. Do not doom your child to failure before he or she has the chance to fly. Remember, your kids get to choose your nursing home. You want to make sure they are as successful as possible, so that you can be as comfortable as possible.
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Dealing With Obesity in Children



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