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Know More about Causes of Childhood Obesity

by Zeno Webz

Most of parents like to have fat children. It is because the children will be so cute with their chubby cheeks. The fatter their children, the cutter they are. Actually, it is not right statement. It is because the fatter their children, the more possible their children get childhood obesity. If you have fat children, then you have to check them whether their fat is normal or not. It is because if their fat is not normal then it includes childhood obesity. Of course, it is not good for your children.

Obesity is one of the most extreme weights for someone. A number of their weight is so imbalance with their height. As you know, someone can be said have proportional body, if his or her weight and height is balance it can be counted by your height min your weight. If the result is around 110 (105 - 115 is okay), then your bod is proportional. However, if it is more or less than 110 (more than 115 and less than 105), then it can be categorized as obesity. In addition, your children are able to get obesity named childhood obesity. Adult obesity can be controlled by doing do it and exercises, but for childhood obesity, it is a task for parents to control their obesity.

It must be done because childhood obesity can give bad impact for your children. They might have some diseases. One of them is diabetes. To control your children obesity, it is better for you to give them so many vegetables and fruits. It will be better if you do not introduce them to chocolate and candy. It is because it can make them love chocolate and candy. If you are confused in doing something for preventing childhood obesity, then it is better for you to get the information from the internet first.

If you want to overcome your children obesity, then it is better for you to know about the causes of childhood obesity. It is because in order that you can overcome it until the root of obesity. The first cause of childhood obesity is genetic factor. Most of obese children occur because of their parents. If their parents or one of them are obese, then they will be obese too. The possibility of obesity to the children is about 40% - 70%.

The second cause of childhood obesity is life style. Of course, it has a connection with genetic factor. It is because children usually see some examples for the first time in their home. If they see all member of family do bad life style, then they will follow them. As the result, the bad life style can be a habit for them. Of course, the worst life style that has a connection with causes of childhood obesity is eating pattern such as unhealthy food and beverages. If all member of family has a habit to eat fast food, then unconsciously, the children will consume it too. Besides that, it can expand the obesity chance for children.

The last cause of childhood obesity based on the research is psychology factor. The researchers say that it is related to the children who have psychology disorder such as uncontrolled emotion. Most of children are easy to be bred and stressed with their life. To overcome it, they will eat so many kinds of food. Sometimes, this condition is not realized by parents. They will be happy when their children eat so much food. It is because they think it can make them healthier. Actually, it is not totally right. If it lets go through, then it can be one of the causes of childhood obesity.

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Know More about Causes of Childhood Obesity



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