Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Major causes of obesity in Children

 by Vatsal Kumar Anand

In a condition like obesity, lots of fats are deposited in the body, which is the major cause of most of the cardio related problems. A person is considered to be obese when his BMI is over 30. The obesity rate has been increasing at a very alarming rate. Given below are the major causes of obesity:
* Genetic factors - There is a very unclear relationship between heredity and obesity. However, there are some tendencies that show that children of obese and overweight parents are heavy as compared to others. One reason could be the aping of food habits, followed in the family. If there are unhealthy eating habits among parents, children also tend to follow the same.

* Over consumption - Sometimes, people tend to eat more than what the body requires. Nowadays, there is a proliferation of fast foods. Empty calories are contributed by fast foods. Very high concentration of sugar, sodium and fats is contained in the foods. These foods definitely lead to a lot of obesity.

* Sedentary lifestyle - People who eat a lot have to exercise a lot. There has been a lot of work pressure and people are not getting time for exercise. They just grab fast foods and move towards a sedentary lifestyle. They have to sit on the chair and work throughout the day.

* Stress - according to many psychologists, there are many societal pressures and emotional problems. This makes a person overeat. Such people are vulnerable to emotional overeating. This is one of the major causes of obesity.

* Health factors - There are many genetic factors that lead to obesity. Hyperthyroidism is also one of the common conditions. There are cases where medication leads to obesity.
Causes of obesity in children

There are many causes of obesity in children. These include:
* Nowadays children consume a lot of unhealthy food choices and food choices. Less time is spent in playing outside and more time is spent on a computer, watching TV and playing video games.

* If children are having obese parents, there is a high risk of children becoming obese. The reason for this is powerful genetic factors, exercise behaviors and eating behaviors.

* Children are attracted to unhealthy foods from vending machines. This is one of the main causes of obesity in children.

Thus after knowing the major causes of obesity and causes of obesity in children, one must act accordingly, so that a proper solution can be found and that to in time.

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Major causes of obesity in Children



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