Monday, July 30, 2012

Obesity in Children Is Affecting More Than Just Health

by Joshua Kozak

Pediatricians are already concerned about the health status of obese children all across the United States and for a valid reason. They are in danger for a number of potentially life threatening conditions, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. But, according to new studies being evaluated, Child Development, researchers have linked obesity with lower test scores, particularly in the areas of math. Researchers cannot determine whether there is a chemical explanation for this decrease in the recordings or if it is based around a lack of social acceptance and a higher rate of depression.
In the early 1970's, the number of children who were deemed overweight or obese was approximately five percent or less of the population of that age. However, by the year 2007, the number of children aged two to nineteen that were obese majorly increased to almost twenty percent. In 2010, the state's obese and overweight children topped out at almost double that figure, with 38%. Location in the state influenced the weight of the children although some areas with just over eleven percent obesity in their children and others with more than 50% of the kids qualifying.
To carry out their research, they used 6250 children from kindergarten from fifth grade. Obese children were compared to children who had never been obese based on a number of factors, including school performance, how well the kids interacted with one another and how often the kid felt sad or lonely. They were also given individual tests in the area of first grade math. The obese children all scored lower on these math tests than the kids of normal weight did. The researchers were shocked about the results of this test because the lower math scores held true for all other demographic breakdowns including gender, location and ethnicity.

Researchers had predicted that obese girls would score lower on these tests because they are the most likely to have social isolation issues. Social isolation and obese related bullying is four percent higher in girls than in boys. Further research may be used to determine if other weight related factors are keeping the children from performing in a test, including whether they are suffering from more physical stress during the testing.

Obesity continues to be a major problem, especially with children. Suggestions and solutions are often met with serious debate, it doesn't matter suggests the solution. It affects not only their health but their futures as well.
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Obesity in Children Is Affecting More Than Just Health



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