Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Antibiotics can induce obesity in children

Researchers from the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine and and its Wagner School of Public Service found that, on an average, exposing very young infants to antibiotics may cause them to bloat up in childhood.
They revealed children exposed to antibiotics from birth to five months of age weighed more for their height than children who were not exposed to antibiotics.
Between the ages of 10 to 20 months, this translated into small increases in body mass percentile, based on models that incorporated the potential impacts of diet, physical activity and parental obesity, the International Journal of Obesity reports.
By 38 months, exposed children had a 22 percent greater likelihood of being overweight.
However, the timing of exposure mattered: children exposed from six months to 14 months did not have significantly higher body mass than children who did not receive antibiotics in that same time period, according to a New York statement.



Antibiotics can induce obesity in children



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