Friday, November 30, 2012

Effects of Childhood Obesity

by Kevin Gibb

Childhood obesity has been a social, family and personal issue in modern society and is getting more serious. This issue is getting more concerned by the society. especially parents with obesity children. The food industry, fast-food restaurants and snacks increase almost every child's appetite. Many children with health problems and diseases as the result of excessive thirst of these foods. Today in the United States, two times increase in the number of childhood obesity over the past 30 years for children aged 6 to 11. It is worth paying attention on the effects of childhood obesity.

Most of the parents wish their children can grow sizably. They believe that sizable body mean strong and better resistant to illness. Due to the modern living, increase of standard of living, changes in diet structure and lifestyle, some children like to eat sweet & delicious stuffs. They tend to surf internet besides formal learning. They have little physical activities and binge eating. As the result of too much nutrition and calories intake, the popularity of obesity children rises tremendously. Obesity children suffer from various diseases and affecting the growth and development of the children’s health.

The effects of childhood obesity are multi-faceted. It seriously affects the normal growth and development of a child, affect child’s health and affects child’s mental development,

It affects growth and development

If a child is too obese with too much nutrition, it will cause the child early development. His / her body height will be taller, body size is bigger and robust. Child girl will have early menstrual menarche time. Child boy will mature early with mustard but stop develop when reach adolescent stage.

It affects mental development

Most of the obesity children will suffer insufficient oxygen in their brains due to high fat content. Their brains may probably in hypoxia state. Therefore, most obesity children are slow in brain reaction, not flexible, not easy in paying attention, physical reaction is slower, poor memory hence affecting normal learning.

It affects physical health

Obesity often raises a number of diseases and seriously gives impact on children's health. Common diseases caused by obesity include high blood pressure, heart disease, coronary heart disease, fatty liver, influenza, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, bronchitis, pneumonia, gallstones, gout, and many other diseases. For annual influenza outbreak, obesity children tend to be "best candidate".

It affects psychology development

As obesity children do not like physical activities, love to slumber and like snacking, their action are comparatively clumsy. Their reactions are retarded. Therefore, their friends will made fun of them and sarcasm. This will often seriously damage their pride and lead to unsociable over a long time and psychologically inferior.
So, what should we do with childhood obesity? Some experts suggest paying attention on diet control; eat food with less fat, less calories. Eat less dessert, drink less sweet beverage and eat slowly. It is also important to diversify the type of food intake and suggest a routine physical exercise program. Keep them perseverance on their diet campaign.

Pay substantial attention on their time in watching TV, surfing internet and encourage them to involve in outdoor activities. Bring the obesity child to the hospital for consultation in a timely manner to identify the causes and symptomatic treatment. This will help to reduce the effects of childhood obesity.

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Effects of Childhood Obesity



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