Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Studies On Childhood Obesity Point at Lifestyle And Surroundings As Cause (I)

 by Valarie Bartlett

Obesity keeps the medical experts on their toes and despite ardent efforts to find solution to this menace, a cure is still far from reality. Sadly, obesity does not only affect a large part of adult population, it los affects children as young as 6 years. Childhood obesity can be caused by several factors, the most important ones being diet and lifestyle. However, recent studies have thrown up some interesting findings on roots of childhood obesity and its impact on the younger lot. These findings can play a pivotal role in future development of childhood obesity treatment, think the experts.

A new research indicates that kids who are kept at day care facilities by their parents tend to be obese. On the contrary, kids who spend time with parents or others tend to be slimmer. University of Montreal researchers have found this trend and the study findings have been published in Journal of pediatrics. They examined the relation between preschool childcare arrangements and childhood obesity. They analyzed data obtained from studies on childhood development carried in Quebec in detail for the study.

They interviewed mothers of the kids involved in the study about various aspects of pre-school care of kids. Researchers checked BMI of kids below 10 years to see if they were obese. They also took account some aspects like birth weight, socioeconomic status of family, mother's weight, breastfeeding duration etc. The research showed that kids who went to day care units were 63 percent more susceptible to weight gain than others. This was applicable for kids below 10 years who stayed at home.
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New Studies On Childhood Obesity Point at Lifestyle And Surroundings As Cause (I)



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