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New Studies On Childhood Obesity Point at Lifestyle And Surroundings As Cause (II)

Lead author of the Canadian study Marie-Claude Geoffroy, said she was amazed by the findings. The negative association between overweight kids and daycare centers made her stunned. She said that it is still not certain why the kids who are given to daycare facilities tend to grow more obese. The researchers think that another study on nutritional level of foods in these facilities and exercise provisions can resolve the doubts. The lead author said kids who spend time at daycare units, should work out more and their diets should be monitored.

As per Canadian laws, day care centers that keep kids above 1 year are legally bound to provide healthy meals to kids and they are also supposed to inform the parents about type of foods. Their staffs are also supposed to plan physical activities for kids. Like many developed nations, childhood obesity is turning out to be a major issue in Canada.

Some health and obesity experts however are not amazed at the finding of this study. Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study's Professor Carl Corter said that it was not totally unexpected. The University Of Toronto Professor said that quality of day care facilities of kids tend to vary. He said that lots of parents opt for daycare facilities but it is time they select the setups carefully to ensure a healthy future for their kids. Eastern Ontario Research Institute's Children's Hospital's research scientist Kristi Adamo said all day care facilities do not offers same type of services. This study was funded by Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada and health research foundation of Quebec.

In another new study on kid's obesity, the Rice university researchers have found that kids from poor neighborhoods tend to be obese compared to those who are grown up in rich or even middle class ambience. Researchers included over 17000 kids who are about 5 years old in various states of the USA. The findings showed kids being grown up in poor neighborhoods face 28 percent or more risk of getting obese while the percentage for middle-class area kids was 17 percent. The findings have made sensation in health expert communities.

Justin Denney who is co author of this study said some aspects related with kids and their families play a role in overall health. However, the finding of this study points out at impact of community influences on kid’s health. However, more detailed and extensive studies need to be carried out on this aspect, feel the study authors. The interesting fact is that more than family poverty, neighborhood poverty is more associated with childhood obesity. Denney said this finding can lead to new development in spheres of childhood obesity treatment.

The researchers are of the view that neighborhood-wide programs to cope with obesity along with individual efforts are the need of the day to stop onslaught of obesity in younger population. In the USA alone, childhood obesity has reached near alarming proportions. Almost 32 percent of kids in the USA are obese, as of latest data. However, a section of health experts think that while there is a link between neighborhood economic status and kid’s obesity, the study does not establish any cause-and-effect scenario.

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New Studies On Childhood Obesity Point at Lifestyle And Surroundings As Cause (II)



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