Monday, December 24, 2012

Obese children struggle with joint pain

Researchers from Nationwide Children's Hospital and The Ohio State University, show that heavier kids suffer pain in their lower joints, report poorer physical function and have worse mental health.

They explained that children hips and knees bear five to seven times their body weight. These little frames aren't supposed to be carrying 150 pounds of body weight. The heavier the child, the bigger the pressure on the joints and cartilage, and that can be painful. It sets up their soft tissue for inflammation.

There are many reasons kids are obese, including hormonal issues, but being overweight is strongly connected to diet and inactivity.

For instance, the inactivity related to watching TV and playing video games can have a significant impact on childhood obesity. On the other hand, poor eating habits may also lead to diets deficient in calcium and vitamin D -- important nutrients for growing bones.

The concern is not just for their current pain, but their long-term bone health. A few decades down the road they'll have a higher likelihood of developing arthritis because the load on their joints on a daily basis for years and years will lead to degenerative changes.



Obese children struggle with joint pain



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