Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Severe Consequences of Childhood Obesity

by Steinharter Bierly

This growing trend has been studied by researchers and professionals for over thirty years. Kids, teenagers and pre-teens have been getting weightier steadily over those years and there are tremendous health implications of this. Over the last few decades a ton of research and many studies have been done about this subject.
One thing is for sure, obesity that happens in the early years is a serious risk factor for terrible diseases later in life. The most important thing parents need to realize is that there is quite a lot more to this particular story. Children who suffer from clinical obesity will be forced to deal with the affects of their conditions far before they grow into adulthood.

Every physical area of the human body is put under severe stress from being obese. Obstructive sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous problem that a child can have from being obese. However, there are other issues that interfere with normal breathing.

Because of a weight condition, a child can develop asthma. Exercise intolerance is another term that is often used and it is challenges that face the normal breathing process. People that are overweight seem to always have labored breathing and you may have noticed this. This is caused by the body having to work harder and breathe harder. Your cardiovascular system is just going to get more stress on it because of this.

Pretty much anybody who is obese is forced to deal with a bunch of psychological challenges. Children who feel like they are being constantly abused by their classmates are more likely to suffer from things like low self confidence and self esteem, high stress and anxiety levels and might even hate themselves. There are all quiet problems that obese kids and teens typically try to handle all by themselves. If the situation is allowed to go on long enough the person dealing with it could even develop sociopathic behaviors. We have no data about the number of obese high school students who go on to attend college. But our guess is there are relatively few, or there are far more obese high school students than college students. Could you really blame them for choosing not to go when they probably imagine those years to be just as torturous as their high school years?

During the teen years a person's individualization and personality development get faster. Along with those processes are the development of the teen's body image which is known to be critical at that stage. An obese teen is going to have a hard time developing normally as far as these things are concerned. This means that when the teen leaves high school he or she will be at severe developmental disadvantages. The ability to compete and succeed, in normally accepted standards, will be almost non-existent for many. Obese kids and young adults have often been (accurately) described as "the walking wounded." This is because of the way that obesity scars the body and the spirit.

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The Severe Consequences of Childhood Obesity



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