Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keeping Kids From Falling Victim to Childhood Obesity

by Courtney Farr

In the past thirty years the number of childhood obesity cases in the United States has more than tripled and this problem amongst young people is continuing to grow. In fact today, issues with childhood obesity have impacted nearly half of the children living in the United States. The thing about childhood obesity that makes it such a concern is that children who are obese at such a young age are often putting themselves at risk for other serious healthy issues like cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. These children also often have low self esteem and deal with issues relating to depression. Even more; when children deal with obesity as a child they will likely have healthy issues that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

There are a number of reasons as to why childhood obesity is becoming a problem in society today. The fast paced society we live in has become more and more dependent on fast and convenient meals such as fast food which is horrible for all people, especially growing children. Also the number of computer programs, video games and television shows that young people are turning to has grown as well and kids are currently not getting the amount of activity that they need and they are not getting out and playing as often as they should be. However, even with all of these factors there are still things that kids and parents can do to help avoid issues with childhood obesity before they become a problem and one of these things is to enroll kids in martial arts or karate classes.

Karate classes are helping more children than ever avoid falling victim to childhood obesity. One of the first reasons is because karate classes are helping kids get the recommended amount of exercise that they are supposed to be getting every day. Growing kids are supposed to have at least an hour of activity every day; but most aren't. With karate kids can get that type of exercise that they are looking for. Also, in addition to getting exercise, martial arts will teach kids important life lessons about staying healthy and getting in shape that kids can use not only to avoid childhood obesity but to avoid obesity issues all together for the rest of their lives.

With martial arts kids learn to have self confidence and they learn the importance of having self respect and treating their bodies with respect. This means nourishing their bodies with healthy foods instead of treating their bodies like trash cans and putting garbage in their systems. They will learn that doing things like this can distract from their karate training and that it can harm them down the line and important lessons like this are the best tools that kids today have to fight back against childhood obesity.

About the Author
Courtney Farr is a marketing consultant for TIGER SCHULMANN'S Brooklyn, NY MMA and kickboxing school. For more information visit



Keeping Kids From Falling Victim to Childhood Obesity



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